Collection of Just So Stories - Audiobook

Collection of Just So Stories - Audiobook

by Jim Weiss (Narrator), Rudyard Kipling
Audio CD
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Written by Rudyard Kipling and read unabridged by Jim Weiss.

With vivid characters and an hysterically funny choice of words, Rudyard Kipling’s beloved stories “explain” how camels got humps, great whales got tiny throats, elephants got trunks and more. These time-tested classics cause us to look at accepted qualities in new and creative ways, and even better, make us laugh out loud.With his menagerie of voices and warm, witty narrative presence, Jim Weiss brings Kipling’s own words to life. The result is a wondrously charming recording that is certain to become an all-time favorite for listeners of all ages.

  • How the Whale Got His Throat
  • The Elephant’s Child
  • How the Camel Got His Hump
  • The Beginning of the Armadillos
  • How the Rhinocerous Got His Skin

“Perhaps Rudyard Kipling’s most clever work, matched with Jim Weiss’ astounding plethora of reading tools…a total joyful experience!” -Librarian

Approximately 75 Minutes

Timeline: Timeless
Location: Africa, South America

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