Beckoning Road

Beckoning Road

by Caroline Dale Snedeker
Trade Paperback, 254 pages
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Historical Setting: Indiana, 1825 A. D.

The Beckoning Road is an exciting and romantic sequal to the award-winning Downright Dencey. It is the continuing story of the coming-of-age of a young Quaker girl, Dencey Coffyn. The backdrop is the attempted utopian settlement of 1825 in New Harmony, Indiana.

Dencey travels from Nantucket Island, through Philadelphia and New York, and across the Ohio forests to Indiana. Her mind and heart are with Jetsam, a young man on a four-year whaling voyage hoping to find Dencey on his return. Dencey's family settles to life in the new community, and she begins to discover her talent for art, but the conflict between her Quaker heritage and the utopian society begin to try her soul. And the young men of New Harmony—exciting, literate, imaginative—will they make Dencey forget Jetsam?

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