The Coward of Thermopylæ

by Caroline Dale Snedeker
Trade Paperback, 374 pages
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Historical Setting: Sparta, 400s B. C.

Originally published as The Coward of Thermopylæ in 1911, this book was republished as The Spartan in 1912. It is the story of Aristodemos, the only survivor of The Battle of Thermopylæ. Follow Aristodemos through his childhood in Athens and Sparta until the great battle is fought. Because he survived the battle when Leonidas and his 300 Spartans perished heroically, Aristodemos is cast out and disgraced by Sparta.

Throughout his life, until his valiant death, Aristodemos searches for redemption for his disgrace. His life touches the lives of Miltiades, Aeschylus, Aristides the Just, Leonidas, and Pindar whose characters come to life under the skillful pen of Caroline Dale Snedeker. This gripping, thrilling story of love, hope, despair, and final resolution at the battle of Platæa will excite and touch each reader and instill a greater understanding of Athenian and Spartan life.

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