Basic Economics

Basic Economics

by Clarence B. Carson, Paul A. Cleveland
Publisher: Boundary Stone
4th Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9780972740142
Hardcover, 491 pages
Price: $60.00

For students who might want to go deeper than the basic introduction to economics presented in typical high school textbooks, Carson draws upon history and government for his understanding of the subject.

Basic Economics is written in three parts, the first giving a framework for studying economics, the second focusing on economics directly, and the third examining six major politico-economic systems: feudalism, mercantilism, free enterprise, capitalism, welfarism and communism. Like his other books, Carson's writing reflects a conservative, Christian philosophy but offers a strong emphasis on free enterprise and private property rights.

This is an excellent resource for getting the big picture of how history, government, and economics connect. Carson was a historian, not an economist, and he avoids using econometric quantum equations and pseudo-scientific charts. Carson writes in plain English, his book is well-structured, and he unfolds his arguments in a logical, systematic way.

Although Basic Economics is well-written and designed, it will remain a difficult text to read for most high school students. We recommend it only for very capable students or else as a resource text for selected readings. If you choose to use it as a curriculum, this second edition includes an extensive study guide by Paul Cleveland (it does not provide an answer key), and the book also contains an appendix with a glossary of economic concepts, biographical sketches and an index.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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