Growth of America

Growth of America


A Basic History of the United States Volume 4
by Clarence B. Carson
Trade Paperback, 285 pages
Price: $19.00

Historical Setting: United States, 1878-1928 A.D.

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Starting with the "filling out" of the West, Carson covers more than just the events and standard historical facets of these formative 50 years of American History. Included are crisp and incisive discussions of Darwinism and Socialism and their effects upon American society.

Also touched upon are regulation and the courts; civil service reform; silver, bimetallism, and inflation; the rise of labor unions; Populism and Progressivism; the Spanish-American War; the Panama Canal; World War I; Bolshevism and the spread of Totalitarianism; Nazism in Germany; monetarism and prosperity; symptoms of moral decline; the presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, and Coolidge.

Chapter excerpts are posted with permission of Boundary Stone, now handling publishing and distribution for all of Clarence Carson’s books.

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