America: From Gridlock to Deadlock

America: From Gridlock to Deadlock


A Basic History of the United States Volume 6
by Clarence B. Carson
Trade Paperback, 328 pages
Price: $19.00

Historical Setting: United States, 1985-2001 A. D.

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This volume describes the philosophic and religious divide inherent in the issues of materialism, chronicles the debacle of the welfare state, depicts the continued polarity between conservative and liberal camps, addresses the collapse of Communism in Europe, and investigates government obstacles to production as well as assaying future trends in work, including self-employment.

Although the book dates into 2001, it does not cover the September 11th terrorist attacks, finishing up instead with an account of President George W. Bush's first election and giving an overview of his cabinet.

Chapter excerpts are posted with permission of Boundary Stone, now handling publishing and distribution for all of Clarence Carson’s books.

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