All About Maps and Mapmaking

All About Maps and Mapmaking

All About Books #49
by Susan Marsh
Publisher: Random House
©1963, Item: 72527
Hardcover, 144 pages
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Very good basic introduction to cartography and map making for students in Middle School and above. Tells how to read maps and how to create and draw maps. Well-illustrated with drawings and photographs.


Maps are often based on older maps. But have you ever wondered who makes new maps-and how they go about it?

Today's mapmakers start with stereo photographs taken from specially equipped plans. Yet this is just the beginning. As you will read in this book, dozens  of specialists (including rugged engineers who scale mountain peaks) work for two years to prepare one new map of a small area.

Illustrated with unusual maps and photographs, All About Maps and Mapmaking tells the fascinating story behind the U.S. government maps, road maps, charts for the jet age-and even maps of proposed landing sites on the moon.

—from the book

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