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What Landmarks do for history, All About Books do for science! These books were published by Random House in the 50's and 60's and at least several titles were reprinted by E. M. Hale.

There are 58 total titles in the series, covering a variety of topics like space and earth, the physical and natural sciences, physiology and medicine, great discoveries--and more random topics like music and political science. They vary in usefulness and literary quality. Most are excellent, although a few are not as good as the others.

Like the Landmark books, these are geared towards the 4th-6th grade range for students. We find some are suitable for kids as young as 3rd and others for students up to grade 8.

  1. All About Dinosaurs by Roy Chapman Andrews
  2. All About Radio and Television by Jack Gould
  3. All About the Sea by Ferdinand C. Lane
  4. All About Volcanoes and Earthquakes by Frederick H. Pough
  5. All About the Weather by Ivan R. Tannehill
  6. All About the Insect World by Ferdinand C. Lane
  7. All About the Stars by Anne Terry White
  8. All About Whales by Roy Chapman Andrews
  9. All About the Wonders of Chemistry by Ira M. Freeman
  10. All About the Atom by Ira M. Freeman
  11. All About Birds by Robert S. Lemmon
  12. All About Our Changing Rocks / All About Rocks and Minerals by Anne Terry White
    (above volume had two different titles during its published history)
  13. All About Rockets and Jets by Fletcher Pratt
  14. All About the Flowering World by Ferdinand C. Lane
  15. All About Moths and Butterflies by Robert S. Lemmon
  16. All About Snakes by Bessie M. Hecht
  17. All About Strange Beasts of the Past by Roy Chapman Andrews
  18. All About Famous Inventors and Their Inventions by Fletcher Pratt
  19. All About Strange Beasts of the Present by Robert S. Lemmon
  20. All About the Arctic and Antarctic by Armstrong Sperry
  21. All About the Desert by Sam & Beryl Epstein
  22. All About Great Rivers of the World by Anne Terry White
  23. All About Electricity by Ira M. Freeman
  24. All About Famous Scientific Expeditions by Raymond Holden
  25. All About Animals and their Young by Robert M. McClung
  26. All About Monkeys by Robert S. Lemmon
  27. All About the Human Body by Bernard Glemser
  28. All About Satellites and Space Ships by David Dietz
  29. All About the Jungle by Armstrong Sperry
  30. All About Prehistoric Cave Men by Sam and Beryl Epstein
  31. All About the Ice Age by Patricia Lauber
  32. All About Archaeology by Anne Terry White
  33. All About the Planets by Patricia Lauber
  34. All About Fish by Carl Burger
  35. All About Undersea Exploration by Ruth Brindze
  36. All About Great Medical Discoveries by David Dietz
  37. All About Sound and Ultrasonics by Ira Freeman
  38. All About the US Navy by Edmund L. Castillo
  39. All About Symphony Orchestra and What it Plays by Dorothy Berliner Commins
  40. All About Sailing the Seven Seas by Ruth Brindze
  41. All About Mountains and Mountaineering by Anne Terry White
  42. All About Dogs by Carl Burger
  43. All About Horses by Marguerite Henry
  44. All About Our Fifty States by Margaret Ronan
  45. All About Engines and Power by Sam and Beryl Epstein
  46. All About the Planet Earth by Patricia Lauber
  47. All About the Human Mind by Robert M. Goldenson
  48. All About Heredity by Judith Randal
  49. All About Maps and Mapmaking by Susan March
  50. All About Rockets and Space Flight by Harold Goodwin
  51. All About Aviation by Robert Loomis
  52. All About Biology by Bernard Glemser
  53. All About Fire by Raymond Holden
  54. All About Courts of Law by Ruth Brindze
  55. All About the Universe by David Dietz
  56. All About Elephants by Carl Burger
  57. All About Light and Radiation by Ira Freeman
  58. All About Cats by Carl Burger
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