All About Mountains and Mountaineering

All About Mountains and Mountaineering

All About #41
by Anne Terry White
Publisher: Random House
©1962, Item: 67309
Hardcover, 144 pages
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Mountains in their rugged grandeur have always presented a challenge to man. All About Mountains and Mountaineering is the story of the world's great ranges and of the men who met their challenge.

Where did the mountains come from? Are they all the same age? How were the different kinds of mountains formed? In this book, you will read of block mountains, folded mountains, and volcanic mountainsof islands that are the tops of volcanoes and other that are the peaks of the mighty Atlantic Ridge.

Here are the Alps, with their avalanches and glaciers and blinding snows; the fur-rich Rockies, standing as a barrier to Americans; the treasure-filled Andes, which the Indians conquered; and the Himalayas, top of the world, most challenging of all mountains.

With unusual narrative skill, Anne Terry White tells the stirring tale of men against mountains, and presents the drama and suspense of great achievements in mountaineering.

—from the book

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