All About Great Rivers of the World

All About Great Rivers of the World

All About Books #22
by Anne Terry White
Publisher: Random House
©1957, Item: 72519
Hardcover, 150 pages
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In countless thousands, streams are flowing to the sea. Each is a bit different from the other, yet each is wending its way to join other streams and form the great rivers of the world. Through broad flat valleys they roll and narrow. Through mile-deep gorges, through tropical jungles and snowy wastes, through parkland and grassland, they make their way to the sea.

In All About Great Rivers of the World, Anne Terry White reports on five of the world's mightiest streams — the Nile, the Amazon, the Yangtze, the Volga and the Mississippi. Vividly she tells how these rivers have developed through the ages and how each one has affected the land and people along its banks.

The story of a river is a thrilling story of channels that change and shift, of people whose way of life depends upon the river, of crocodiles and hippopotamuses basking in the jungle-swamps of the Nile, of howler monkeys screaming in the rain forest along the Amazon, and Chinese rivermen struggling to get their fragile boats through the deadly rapids of the Yangtze.

All About Great Rivers of the World is a thrilling story of man's dependence upon the great rivers of the world and his constant struggle to harness them for his greatest good. Full-page illustrated maps and dramatic drawings by Kurt Wiese will excite the interest of every reader.

—from the dust jacket

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