Welcome to the Wonderful World of Geography

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Geography

by Brenda Runkle
Publisher: Runkle Publishers
Item: 76236
List Price: $83.00 Our Price: $70.55

Although most parents prefer to teach geography as it relates to their studies, if you prefer a geography textbook, this award-winning one-year curriculum, written for 6-9th graders, is a good choice. It focuses on physical geography, providing the basis for learning the fundamentals of geography. This set includes the Textbook, Teacher Guide, and Student Activity Workbook.

Textbook Features:

  • Comprehensive text
  • Interactive daily lessons
  • Incremental review
  • Hands on activities
  • Critical thinking problems
  • Requires no teacher preparation
  • Softcover, 284 pages

Teachers Guide Features:

  • Review questions are answered
  • Vocabulary words are defined
  • Clear instructions and answers for all activities
  • Reproducible tests are written to all learning styles
  • All test questions are answered
  • Clear, specific instructions on how to use the text
  • Paperback, 103 pages
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