World Physical Geography - Student Activity Workbook

World Physical Geography - Student Activity Workbook

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Geography

by Brenda Runkle
Publisher: Runkle Publishers
Consumable Workbook, 124 pages
List Price: $15.00 Our Price: $12.00

This activity book acts as a supplement to the textbook & teacher edition set. It is designed to help students memorize countries and their capitals, as well as learn the physical features of the land. See the series description for more information.


  • Reinforced method of learning all the countries in the world
  • Designed to be used with all Runkle books
  • Reproducible black and white maps included to be used with the text book
  • Daily script
  • Specific learning activities ties the workbook with the textbook
  • Phonetic guide for all countries, capitals and rivers
  • May be used as a transition from one activity to another
  • Map work may be done by the entire family as a fun activity
  • Reinforced daily memorization of counties
  • Students develop their own maps to transfer information from the text and draw conclusions
  • Includes reproducible b/w maps
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