Original Stories from the World of Robin Hood

by Jane Yolen (Editor)
Publisher: Philomel Books
Hardcover, 134 pages
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Welcome to Sherwood Forest, where the trees are tall, but legend is taller. From Jane Yolen's magical account of Robin Hood's mysterious birth, to Nancy Springer's poignant tale of one boy's misguided attempt to capture the legendary bandit, to Mary Frances Zambreno's story of Robin's young grandson trying to fulfill a legacy, here are eight original stories featuring Robin Hood and his merry men. You might find your purse of gold stolen along the way, but rest assured, the price will be well paid.


  • Welcome to Sherwood Forest Jane Yolen
  • Our Lady of the Greenwood Jane Yolen
  • Marian Maxine Trottier
  • Under the Bending Yew Anna Kirwan
  • Know Your True Enemy Nancy Springer
  • The Children's War Timons Esaias
  • Straight and True Robert J. Harris
  • At Fountain Abbey Mary Frances Zambreno
  • Robin Hood v. 1.5.3. Adam Stemple

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