Emperor and the Kite

Emperor and the Kite

by Jane Yolen, Ed Young (Illustrator)
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $6.99

Even though Djeow Seow is a princess of China, she is not very much thought of because she is so small. Her father thinks more about her four brothers and three sisters, all of whom are bigger and stronger than she. Because she is so little thought of, Djeow Seow eats by herself and talks to herself, and, loneliest of all, plays by herself.

One day, evil men attack the Emperor and imprison him in a tower. Everyone is in despair, and his sons and daughters flee the country. Only Djeow Seow is left. She is so small that the evil men do not notice her. But she proves that even the very small can do great things, and that loyalty is better than strength.

With the kites that used to be her playthings she builds a rope for her father to climb down. Once set free by his tiny daughter, the Emperor promises Djeow Seow never to forget her again. From that day on, not only did Djeow Seow never want for love from her father, but she ruled faithfully by his side.

Review by Hadley Ayers
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