Queen Elizabeth I: Forging an Empire

Queen Elizabeth I: Forging an Empire

by Elizabeth Linington, Robert Boehmer (Illustrator)
Publisher: Kingston House
©1961, Item: 83149
Hardcover, 192 pages
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England in the era of Elizabeth I was going through a golden age. It was growing from a small unimportant island nation into one of the world's great powers.

The time of Elizabeth was a time of great men and stirring deeds. It was a time of exploration and discovery. It was a time when the tiny English navy—outclassed and outnumbered—defeated the Spanish Armada, the mightiest naval force ever assembled. It was a time of outstanding men of letters—Shakespeare, Marlowe, Ben Johnson, and many others.

Behind all these stirring events and adventures was the personality of Elizabeth Tudor, Queen of England. She ascended the throne at a time of great danger for England, and when England was unprepared to meet it. Skillfully she kept England safe from war and invasion until the nation was strong. She fostered exploration, the arts, and science and industry.

Elizabeth knew personal danger throughout her life. The younger daughter of Henry VIII, she grew up amid a period of violent religious upheaval. She was imprisoned in the Tower of London by her sister, Queen Mary, and was sure she would be beheaded as her own mother had been. Even after she ascended the throne, she was not safe. She was constantly plotted against by Mary of Scotland until that unfortunate queen herself went tto the headsman's block.

This book presents a dramatic, authentic picture of English life at a time when a mighty empire was being created.

—from the book

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