Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I

by Jacob Abbott, Knox Merkle (Updated Language)
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 187 pages
List Price: $12.00 Sale Price: $10.20

Get ready to be hooked by the complete story of her life–and learn about history's greatest queen at the same time! Elizabeth I came to the throne after a very troubled childhood. Her father Henry VIII left the Catholic Church so he could marry her mother, only for him to change and behead her mother. Elizabeth survived and restored Protestantism to England, and managed to preserve the Christian religion, despite a powerful Spanish Armada. Her life was one of excitement, danger, and great hope.

This thrilling biography—written by Jacob Abbott and newly edited for younger readers—offers a glimpse into the life of a woman who saved the Reformation and proved to be one of the greatest political geniuses in history. And it's all the more remarkable that she was a woman.

Elizabeth I is part of Makers of History, a 19th century biography series by two brothers—Jacob and John S.C. Abbott. Reprinted by Canon Press, these biographies have been edited and brought up-to-date for readers twelve and up. Not only are these editions given vintage style paperback covers, but they also include introductions that explain where these men and women fit into the timeline of history.

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