History of King Charles II of England

History of King Charles II of England

by Jacob Abbott
Publisher: Living Book Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 148 pages
Price: $10.99

Jacob Abbott’s The History of King Charles II of England is a captivating deep-dive into one of England’s most dynamic periods.

Charles II, the “Merry Monarch,” faced monumental challenges, including the aftermath of the English Civil War, which was rooted in political and religious strife and led to the execution of his father. Then came the Great Plague, a devastating epidemic, followed by the Fire of London, which destroyed much of the city. Charles II’s responses to these crises were pivotal, from rebuilding London with improved urban planning to fostering religious tolerance. His policies aimed at political stability and cultural revitalization, with varying degrees of success.

Abbott’s book excels in historical accuracy, engaging storytelling, and nuanced analysis, making it a must-read for history enthusiasts, especially those interested in the Restoration period.

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