Old Testament History - Greenleaf Guide

Old Testament History - Greenleaf Guide

by Robert G. Shearer, Cynthia Shearer
Publisher: Greenleaf Press
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 160 pages
Price: $11.95
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This book outlines a reading program which will take you through the history of Israel by reading through the historical books from Genesis to Nehemiah chronologically. Old testament history is divided into 196 Bible readings (approximately 1 chapter each) along with suggestions of how to cover the material and keep it interesting. For each reading there are a series of questions to help you focus on the significant details. There are also a number of background notes and some suggestions for further study. This book won't answer all your questions, but it will give you a well-thought out program of reading and studying the history of Israel. This is intended as a first history course for the early elementary grades, though some parents use it with their middle- and high-school students.

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  An Excellent Overview of Old Testament History
Albanyaloe of South Africa, 7/8/2015
We purchased this many years ago from Green Leaf Press and I cannot recommend this guide highly enough. I feel it gives such a thorough study of the Old Testament. We have used it twice with our children as we have cycled through world history from start to present.

I found the author's additional comments useful, and informative. The author also gives a heads up if sensitive topics come up, and give you ideas for how to handle them with your children.

Please note that this is not a book to hand to children, it is the guide for the parent. There are no worksheets. It's a complete Bible study. You will do most of this orally, unless you choose to add coloring pages for younger children. All you need is a Bible.

The readings are set out chronologically. Most days the amount to read is totally manageable. I used this with children aged 6-13 years old. The guide gives questions to ask after the readings. Sometimes I used these, but mostly I asked for an oral narration. The questions do ensure that your child, especially older ones, have grasped the deeper meaning of the text.

Common themes, such as the sin cycle through Judges, and the different Kings of Judah and Israel are explained.

If I could offer one criticism, it would be the inclusion of a few more maps, and references to the Biblical timeline. I added these myself.

I appreciate that this has been offered free now on Lulu, as I have been able to refer others to this very useful resource.

I also recommend other resources by this author and her husband. Solid, Christian teaching.

Please note that I received no compensation for this fair and honest review.