Ancient Egypt- Greenleaf Guide

Ancient Egypt- Greenleaf Guide

by Cynthia Shearer
Publisher: Greenleaf Press
Non-consumable Study Guide, 46 pages
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Historical Setting: Ancient Egypt

Ever wonder how Biblical history and ancient Egypt fit together? Why was God so angry with Pharaoh, anyway? These were questions the Shearers asked when they began their study of ancient Egypt. They wanted to start their study of western history by beginning at the beginning. After reading through the Old testament (which is history, after all) they study ancient Egypt. This study guide presents ten lesson plans using the six books listed below. Included are possible vocabulary lists and discussion questions that can be drawn from the reading. Also includes directions for playing a checkers like game found in Tut's tomb, directions for building a model shaduf (irrigate like the Egyptians!), as well as suggestions for how to adapt your study to fit grades 2-7. Home school tested. Excellent for Konos or Unit studies. Average duration is about 15 weeks.


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