Money Mystery

Money Mystery

The Hidden Force Affecting Your Career, Business and Investments

by Richard J. Maybury
Publisher: Bluestocking Press
3rd Edition, ©2004, ISBN: 9780942617511
Trade Paperback, 111 pages
Price: $10.95

The publishers intend this as the first sequel to Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, if you're using these books as an introduction to economics. In this text, Richard Maybury uses the same format to explain how money supply and control works. Penny Candy introduces economic basics, but this book focuses on narrower aspects of economics that few people recognize yet everyone experiences. Maybury addresses the topics of inflation, paper money, the gold supply, interest rates, and the "velocity" of the dollar, using real-life examples.

Conceptually, this is a large step beyond Penny Candy, but it is still accesible to older teens. The book is actually directed at older students and adults as one might guess from Maybury's inclusion of recommendations of where to keep your economic assets at the end of the book.

Our thanks to Cathy Duffy for this content.

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