Clipper Ship Strategy

Clipper Ship Strategy

For Success in Your Career, Business and Investments

by Richard J. Maybury
Publisher: Bluestocking Press
2nd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9780942617375
Trade Paperback, 269 pages
List Price: $17.95 Sale Price: $15.26

The Clipper Ship Strategy should follow Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? and The Money Mystery for those who wish to use these books in their study of economics and government. This book covers practical business economics: how to determine what types of businesses to pursue, how to structure those businesses, where to keep your assets, what type of assets to keep, how to develop a dependable customer base, how to keep your business afloat and even prosper when others are going bankrupt, how to identify the best locations for businesses and customers, and much more.

Maybury recognizes that the US government daily increases its intrusion into the economic functioning of our country, so he suggests ways that we can protect ourselves from the dangers of that intrusion. He insists that we must develop a plan to protect ourselves from a "Godzilla-like" government that might at any moment do something to wreak havoc in our lives and businesses.

Written in Maybury's easy-to-understand style, mature teens should have no difficulty in handling the reading level. For best results, they will need some life experience and motivation to handle the content—possibly practical experience in some sort of business. While Maybury's "lessons" are valuable for everyone, we can especially recommend this book to potential entrepreneurs and businessmen. Maybury also references quite a few articles that will enhance your understanding of economics and business. You might not agree with all of Maybury's suggestions, but after reading it, you'll know more about the way business really works than many business college graduates.
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