Common Sense Business for Kids

Common Sense Business for Kids

by Kathryn Daniels, Anthony Maybury
Publisher: Bluestocking Press
Trade Paperback, 62 pages
Price: $8.95

This little book is exactly what the title indicates—a common sense introduction to business principles for students. The authorcollaborated withlong-time businessman Anthony Maybury as he revealed his successful strategies built not on complex theories but on common sense.

This isn't an introduction to economics, it's an introduction to business theory and practice. Markets, cost and income, employees, and many other fundamental concerns of business owners are addressed in an engaging, easy-to-understand text. You won't find answers to everything, of course, and nothing is dealt with in depth, but students will be introduced to the basics and given a foundation able to support further learning.

Part of the Uncle Eric series, Common Business Sense for Kids is concise and informative. This is a good jumping-off place for middle and high school students before they turn to more serious economic study, offering a conservative perspective on how best to take advantage of the largely capitalist system in place in America.

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