Medical Corps Heroes of World War II

Medical Corps Heroes of World War II

Landmark #120
by Wyatt Blassingame
Publisher: Purple House Press
2022 Reprint, ©1969, ISBN: 9781948959681
Print-on-demand paperback, 171 pages
Price: $15.99

Here is the story of the valiant doctors and corpsmen whose job during World War II was to save lives. These courageous noncombatants were present at every battlefront—risking their own lives time after time—to bring medical help to their wounded comrades.

In World War II, Wyatt Blassingame was an intelligence officer with the Naval Air Corps on the islands of Tinian and Okinawa. He observed the work of medical corpsmen and doctors when he visited the sick and wounded comrades in hospitals on Hawaii, Saipan, an Okinawa.

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