Mysterious Voyage of Captain Kidd

Mysterious Voyage of Captain Kidd

Landmark #122
by A. B. C. Whipple
Publisher: Purple House Press
Hardcover, 142 pages
Price: $14.99

A difficult mission, a mutinous crew, treacherous waters, and merchant ships bearing cargoes of gold, silk, diamonds and rubies...all awaited Captain William Kidd as he found himself caught up in the doomed voyage of the Adventure Galley. But did this well-respected seaman, familiar to New Yorkers and Londoners alike as a prosperous, honest and experienced skipper, understand exactly what he was to do?

After being chosen by King William’s representative to undertake this secret expedition, Captain Kidd meticulously prepared to sail around the Cape of Good Hope never dreaming of the fate awaiting him upon his return.

Adventure abounds in this book complete with intrigue, pirates, unruly sailors, treasure hunting and double-crossing government officials. Carefully researched, this dramatically recounted story of a ship captain and his mysterious voyage will keep readers captivated to the very end.

11 black and white drawings by H.B Vestal and a two-page map of Kidd's voyage.

The last—and rarest—of the Landmark books, vintage copies are highly sought after and will usually command prices of $200 or more. We're thankful that Purple House Press has made this edition available!

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