Math Without Borders PreCalculus

Math Without Borders PreCalculus

by David S. Chandler
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If you are wondering whether to skip from Algebra 2 directly to Calculus or whether to take Precalculus first, the answer (almost always) is to take Precalculus first. Gaining depth is more important than racing ahead, and the depth offered through this course is tremendous. Recording this course has been a remarkable experience for me, personally. I have grown in my appreciation for Foerster’s work in the process. In my career I have taught out of several other Precalculus textbooks, but none of them is in the same league with Foerster when it comes to teaching problem solving and real-world applications.

Mr. Chandler teaches from the 3rd edition of Foerster’s Precalculus with Trigonometry available from Kendall Hunt, which recently took over its publication from Key Curriculum Press. (Follow the Kendall Hunt link and use the order form on the right side of their web page.) The videos are usable (a little less conveniently but probably much more economically) with the 2nd edition as well using this cross-reference table for finding which videos correspond with which chapters. There are major chapter-level rearrangements, but except for a few modified sections and the addition of Chapter 16 in the 3rd edition, most of the content is the same.

3rd Edition

Here is the list of problems whose solutions are worked out in the videos (listed in 3rd edition order). These would constitute reasonable assignments. For additional practice most of the odd numbered problems have (bare) answers in the back of the student edition of the book.

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