Calculus - DVD

Calculus - DVD

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This course is equivalent to Calculus I at most universities and will prepare your student to take the AP Calculus AB exam. An option Calculus II will be available soon which is equivalent to Calculus II at most universities and will prepare your student to take the AP Calculus BC exam.

  • Guaranteed to increase SAT/ACT math scores
  • DVD teaching videos
  • Textbook used by many universities for their calculus I, II, and III series

Worldview Analysis:

Neither the textbook nor the course content reference issues which would advocate one worldview over another. All applications to biology are related to blood flow and cardiac output.

Applied Math:

The text covers a wealth of real-life problems in example and assigned problems. Some of the academic examples are related to courses in economics, finance, biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, astronomy, and computer science. The applied problems cover issues in music, construction, engineering, electricity, medicine, photography, rocket flight, surveying, navigation, and many others.

You can purchase the textbook and solutions manual that go with this DVD by clicking here.

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