Gullywasher (bilingual)

Gullywasher (bilingual)

El chaparron torencial

by Joyce Rossi
Publisher: Luna Rising
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
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“Abuelito, cuentame de cuando eres vaquero!” (Grandpa, tell me about when you were a cowboy!)

Leticia’s Abuelito wasn’t always like he is now. Once he was a strong vaquero; a cowboy. Abuelito’s story of the great Gullywasher, a big rainstorm, is his explanation of how he got to look like he does. From the downpour that wrinkled his face to carrying a horse that bent his back, Abuelito’s tall tale is a heart warmer. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and Spanish translation for each page, this is an excellent book for young Spanish students, as well as a charming addition to any picture book library.

Although we found the prose a bit boring and wouldn't want to read it over and over again, some of Abuelito's explanations were quite humorous, and our kids loved it all the way through. Recommended in Five in a Row Volume 4.

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Summary: Leticia's grandfather tells a tall tale explaining how he changed from strong vaquero to old man.

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