Great Ice Age DVD

Great Ice Age DVD

by Michael Oard (Host)
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The Great Ice Age is a long-form documentary filmed in Wyoming, Montana, and Oregon exploring how the global flood changed weather patterns to develop the one Ice Age rapidly, then how it melted catastrophically.

Since the 1700s we've been told that there have been many ice ages over millions of years, but now meterologist Michael Oard shares evidence the mainline scientific community won't tell you. He'll share compelling evidence for only one Ice Age not long after the end of the global flood as recorded in the Bible. He'll show how the flood produced the right conditions to develop the Ice Age in 500-700 years, then how a catastrophic melt-off transpired in only 50-70 years. He'll also share why only one Ice Age explains many associated mysteries such as the extinction of woolly mammoths and other mammals, massive permanent climate change, and the spread of man and animals after the flood. He'll show how the Biblical record makes much more sense of what we find in the geologic record.

The three parts of this documentary include:

- Part One: Introduction to the Ice Age and the associated mysteries (35 minutes)
- Part Two: Evidence for the flood producing one Ice Age (30 minutes)
- Part Three: How one Ice Age explains the associated mysteries (32 minutes)

Bonus features include: behind the scenes, interviews, previews.

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