Flood by Design

Flood by Design

by Michael Oard
Publisher: Master Books
Trade Paperback, 134 pages
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There are features on the earth's surface that science cannot explain with theories of changes over millions or even billions of years by the geologic processes that we see occurring commonly today. However, when you explore the evidence from a biblical worldview, the geologic features marking the planet's surface make sense given the worldwide catastrophic flood described in the book of Genesis.

Join author Mike Oard as he explores what is termed as “the retreating stage of the flood” - the seven month-period when the waters receded and the landscapes which are familiar to us were formed by a myriad of processes like uplifts and sinking, erosion, and more, which answer important questions regarding:

  • Unusual dispersals of rocks over hundreds of miles
  • How quickly mountains and valleys were carved
  • Emergence of continents and the formation of ocean basins
  • Percussions marks shaped by vast and violently moving wate
  • Why very gradual erosion and deposits of soil cannot explain surface formations
  • The study of geomorphology and what it can reveal

Flood by Design takes you into a fascinating aspect of the Genesis flood you may never have considered. Examine unusual rock formations and evidence that only the biblical flood model can fully explain. Filled with many photographs and easy-to-understand illustrations and charts, the book is a powerful source of research and answers for high school students and beyond.

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