by Sarah Stewart
First Edition, ©2004, ISBN: 9780374324636
Hardcover, 48 pages
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Belle’s father and mother are gone often, so Belle spends all day with the housekeeper, Bea. They do everything together. They hang up clothes, clean the floors, dust the living room, bake bread, and every day they go down to the beach together. But Belle is an independent child, and one day she decides to go down to the beach by herself. The waves are too big, and Belle goes too far out. But Bea, who knows Belle very well, goes running to the sea as soon as she realizes Belle is missing. Reaching her just in time, Bea rushes into the sea and rescues Belle.

“Bea,” says Belle. “I should have asked you to come with me.”

This touching book was written and illustrated by husband-and wife team Sarah Stewart and David Small as a tribute for Sarah’s friend and housekeeper, who cared for her as a child.

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