Daily Grams Grade 4 - Teacher Edition

Daily Grams Grade 4 - Teacher Edition

Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills

by Wanda C. Phillips
Consumable Workbook, 200 pages
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This book includes 180 daily lessons which are designed as 10-minute reviews for the beginning of each class and promote mastery learning. Nearly the same as the workbook (you don't have to purchase both!), this also includes an answer key in the back.  Grammar and other concepts are, in most cases, set up cyclically and usually repeated within 25-30 days. Some levels contain more "teaching;" some contain additional practice of analogies, spelling rules, etc.

Although Daily Grams may be used as a supplement to any grammar program, Easy Grammar texts are recommended.

Each lesson includes capitalization review, punctuation review, sentence combining, and review of grammar concepts/usage. Dictionary review is also included. This text is based on the original Daily Grams 4/5 with changes. More instruction is included at the beginning of Grade 4.

Other Concepts Covered:

  • Dictionary skills
  • Difficult words
  • Friendly letters
  • Sentence types
  • Prefixes/Roots/Suffixes
  • Synonyms/Antonyms/Homonyms
  • . . . and more!
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