Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 9 - Student Workbook

Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 9 - Student Workbook

180 Daily Teaching Lessons

by Wanda C. Phillips
1st Edition, ©2008, Publisher Catalog #598A
Consumable Workbook, 220 pages
Price: $15.95

This is a teaching text in a similar format to a Daily Grams book. That means the instruction is included throughout the 180 lessons, but there are a variety of questions every day, and always five sentences to work with at a time, designed to be done in about ten minutes a day. Like the other Daily Grams workbooks, this does not include the answer key! Use this if you have multiple students and don't want to spend the money on extra keys!

Each day's work will flow as follows:

Sentence 1: Capitalization teaching and application
Sentence 2: Punctuation teaching and application
Sentences 3 & 4: Grammar and other concept teaching and application
Sentence 5: Sentence Combining for improved writing skills

the material is presented in an easy, step-by-step approach

star symbolConcepts build upon themselves

Example: Students first learn the difference between an independent clause and a dependent clause. Using understanding of this concept, students learn construction of fragments, sentences, and run-on and the structure of compound and complex sentences. However, mastery of dependent and independent clauses first is vital to the ensuing concepts. Other concepts are taught in this manner throughout.

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