Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set

Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set

by Cuisenaire
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Cuisenaire Rods spark children's interest in mathematics through hands-on investigation and visual confirmation of math concepts. They are a collection of rectangular rods of 10 lengths and 10 colors, each color corresponding to a different length.

Plastic blocks (74 included):

  • 4 orange (10-centimeter)
  • 4 blue (9-centimeter)
  • 4 brown (8-centimeter)
  • 4 black (7-centimeter)
  • 4 dark green (6-centimeter)
  • 4 yellow (5-centimeter)
  • 6 purple (4-centimeter)
  • 10 light green (3-centimeter)
  • 12 red (2-centimeter)
  • 22 white (1-centimeter)

Please Note! New sets are plastic rods and include a tray with a lid. Used sets may be wooden rods and not have trays.

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