Cuisenaire Rods Small Group Set (in bucket)

Cuisenaire Rods Small Group Set (in bucket)

by Learning Resources
Publisher: Learning Resources
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An economical way to bring Cuisenaire Rods into the classroom, this package contains 155 plastic rods and an Activity Guide in a storage bucket. Use with 4-6 students.

Plastic blocks (155 included):

  • 10 orange (10-centimeter)
  • 9 blue (9-centimeter)
  • 8 brown (8-centimeter)
  • 7 black (7-centimeter)
  • 8 dark green (6-centimeter)
  • 10 yellow (5-centimeter)
  • 12 purple (4-centimeter)
  • 16 light green (3-centimeter)
  • 25 red (2-centimeter)
  • 50 white (1-centimeter)
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