Wonderland of Nature

Wonderland of Nature

by Nuri Mass (Author / Illustrator)
Publisher: Living Book Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 309 pages
Price: $24.99

Even though The Wonderland of Nature has been written and produced in Australia for Australian children it is sure to be loved by all, no matter where in the world they are from. It presents the fascinating facts of Nature and Science in a simple, friendly style, with a profusion of illustrations, and with reference to the Australian scene.

Children are endlessly enthralled by Nature—by the countless little things that they observe and pick up in their wanderings along bush-track and seashore. They are eager to know all about these things—and here is a book that tells them.

It has been specially designed for two purposes—for children’s enjoyment, and for their practical school needs. As well as dealing with Plants, Insects, Shells, Minerals, Air, Weather, etc., it also explains such things as Light, Sound, Magnetism and Electricity.

After going through several previous editions, including being printed in braille, this new edition has been revised and updated to reflect current understanding and expanded to teach new advances in science.

A unique and timely publication in Australia, this books meets the school syllabus, drawing its references from our own everyday surroundings—and delighting while it teaches.

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