Warrior Queens

Warrior Queens

True Stories of Six Ancient Revels Who Slayed History

by Vicky Alvear Shecter, Bill Mayer (Illustrator)
Publisher: Boyds Mill Press
Hardcover, 155 pages
Current Retail Price: $17.99
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The true life stories of six little-known fierce ancient warrior queens are told with humor and vivid detail by an award-winning writer.

For young readers seeking to be inspired by stories of strong women, this riveting book shines a light on six powerful ancient queens. Highlighting women warriors who ruled in ancient eras, like Hatshepsut in 1492 BCE Egypt, and Zenobia in 260 CE Palmyra, the stories span the globe to reveal the hidden histories of queens who challenged men and fought for the right to rule their queendoms. Award-winning author Vicky Alvear Shectar's lively text and acclaimed illustrator Bill Mayer's witty illustrations showcase these stories filled with history, power, and humor.

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