A Look Back

by John F. Williams Jr. (Editor), John F. Williams III (Researcher)
Trade Paperback, 253 pages
Price: $20.00

William Simon U’Ren (1859–1949) was known as the father of the Initiative and Referendum in Oregon and honored as the the originator of the ‘Oregon System’. This book explains how U’Ren brought ‘direct democracy’ and good government to the people of Oregon at the start of the 20th century.

You’ll read, in their own words, what reform-minded journalists called ‘muckrakers’, establishment newspaper reporters and editors, as well as two United States presidents, thought about U’Ren and the movement he led.

You’ll also hear from U’Ren himself, as well as his political opponents, and his personal enemies.

U’Ren also promoted in an economic ideology called the ‘single tax’ that he believed would end poverty and injustice. It became his political ‘north star’ and he steered by it for most of his public life. You’ll learn here how he worked for years to install the tools of ‘Direct Democracy’ in Oregon so that its citizens could implement this revolutionary taxing method in the state.

The book also reveals facts, some for the first time, about U’Ren’s time in Colorado, his legal career, and the important role of his family in the course of his life.

Discover how William S. U’Ren became one of the most respected leaders in Oregon’s history and changed the course of American democracy.

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