God's Mountain Man

God's Mountain Man

The Story of Jedediah Strong Smith

by Esther Vogt
Publisher: Gospel Publishing
Trade Paperback, 160 pages
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"Jed's men reached the Powder River, struggling through gray gullies in a misty rain. As Jed skirted a pine-covered ravine, his horse gave a frightened snort and bolted.

"Seconds later, a huge grizzly bear barreled into his horse, knocking Jed from his saddle. As he hit the ground, he snatched his knife. The grizzly lunged across the horse's body and flung out a heavy paw, claws extended. Jed felt a burning pain in his side. Ducking, he jabbed his knife into the animal. Then he found himself looking squarely into a cavernous mouth. As Jed twisted away, the grizzly's jaws closed down on the top of his head . . ."

What would happen to Jedediah Strong Smith and his fur trappers? Would they survive the untracked wilderness? Discover how Jed's wisdom and faith in God carried him through years of mountain life as he explored the unknown territory that now makes up the western United States.

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