Notes on Insects

Notes on Insects

by Anna Botsford Comstock
Publisher: Living Book Press
Softcover, 132 pages
Price: $9.99

This special 6″x9″ edition has been published by Living Book Press in association with HearthRoom Press.


The images in this notebook are *meant* to be ‘stippled’ and printed lightly, so as to be easily altered to be made like a particular species. 

The light, grey, stippled insects are *intentional* and not a defect. 


Originally published in the early 1900’s, Anna Comstock intended that the pupil would use these notebooks, with their teacher- and alongside her Handbook of Nature Study, to create their very own field guides by observing local flora and fauna.

This book, Notes on Insects, was written by educator and author James George Needham and contains forms for the pupil to use in the field, to aid in observation and identification.

Also available in this series:

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  • Notes on Plants & Flowers
  • Notes on Fishes
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This notebook is best suited for:

  • Homeschool students using Handbook of Nature Study or The Thornton Burgess nature lore books.
  • Nature study enthusiasts who enjoy keeping a nature journal.
  • Those interested in the Charlotte Mason method of education.
  • Classrooms with teachers familiar with Anna Comstock’s method.

Would also make a wonderful gift for students, budding entomologists, and naturalists of all ages!

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