New Children's Bible

New Children's Bible

Bible Stories Simply Told

by Anne De Vries
Hardcover, 288 pages
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The compelling stylized illustrations are probably the first thing you'll notice about this story Bible for K-3rd graders. Neither cartoony nor wholly realistic, they capture the essence of what's going on in the story. They are also frequent: some are very small, some are almost full-page, but they serve to break up the text in a way that most readers (especially younger ones) find appealing.

Written by a Dutch Reformed author, The New Children's Bible nevertheless refrains from an overt doctrinal bent. There are 100 stories—51 for the OT, 49 for the NT—focusing primarily on key individuals in the history of redemption. All the major events aren't necessarily here (Job is absent, most of the Kings are overlooked, Paul is relegated to two short chapters), but the framework of Scripture is provided.

Each story begins with the appropriate Scripture reference, and parents are encouraged to read these as well in preface. De Vries' text is thoroughly readable, and while it is certainly his own wording, he takes no liberties with the Scriptural accounts. Whether you want to provide your kids a clear overview of the Bible, or just offer them something edifying to read, this is an excellent choice.

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