Mystery of Black Mesa

Mystery of Black Mesa

by Carol Hamilton
Trade Paperback, 121 pages
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"Scally!" Doreen's voice was shrill, and it sent his heart racing. Hastily he slipped the crowbar back into the crevice. "Scally! Quick!"

He ran as fast as he could, retracing his path to the cave's entrance. "What's wrong?" he asked, breathless as he approached her.

"There's a helicopter hanging around looking everything over," Doreen whispered hoarsley. "I had to hide when it was here, but now it's circling over near our tent."

Taking care of Doreen and Momma is te most important thing in the world to Scally. Especially now that his father is gone. But after he discovers the cave, danger seems to clse in from all sides and he doesn't know who to trust. And then there is Bouncer, the fuzzy little orange dog that nobody wants. How can he let a puppy die out there in the desert?

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