More Let's Fold!

More Let's Fold!

Kumon First Steps Workbooks
Publisher: Kumon Publishing
Consumable Workbook, 65 pages
Price: $5.95

This book's simple design can help children as young as two learn important basic skills while having fun. This book allows parents and children to share meaningful playtime together. This bookis structured so that your child will develop fine motor control skills while acquiring new vocabulary.

The aims and purposes of this book:

This book is designed for children that have completed Let's Fold!. The activities within this book were designed to be slightly harder than those in the first book.

  • Develop fine motor skills
    Your child will improve his or her finger strength and dexterity, which in turn will help your child hold and use a pencil correctly.
  • Develop the ability to concentrate and focus
    Once your child can fold paper at will, or fold small parts and corners accurately, then he or she has mastered basic folding skills. Learning to fold along designated lines allows your child to improve his or her ability to concentrate and focus.
  • Develop spatial awareness and the ability to work with shapes
    Your child will gain a greater awareness of shapes and how they can be created and combined through these paper folding and origami activities. These activities start by emphasizing the ability to repeatedly fold paper along a single designated line. Then children learn how folding along multiple lines can create different shapes and even fun paper toys.
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