Home School Family Fitness

Home School Family Fitness

by Dr. Bruce Whitney
Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
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Physical fitness requirements are a part of the required curriculum for parents who want to teach their children in their homes, but it can be difficult to provide structured exercise plans. Parents homeschooling their children may be left wondering how to encourage a healthy lifestyle or teach them how to participate in team sports.

Home School Family Fitness is here to answer those questions. Written by Bruce Whitney, father and home school teacher, the book provides a definitive guide with lesson plans and labs covering everything from basic games to organized sports, and is a vital resource for anyone educating a child at home. Home School Family Fitness is also for any parent who want to spend quality time with their children and see them grow up healthy and well.

Home School Family Fitness explains the fundamentals of exercise in a fun way, teaching kids to achieve and maintain fitness throughout their lives. Its curriculum includes:

  • 40 weeks of lesson plans and easy-to-use fitness tests, including swimming
  • Indoor, outdoor, sport-related, and snow games modified for home use
  • Modified rules to make games suitable for one to four participants of mixed ages
  • Sections on strength, endurance, flexibility, and aerobic fitness
  • Home School Family Fitness is an astonishingly complete guidebook for the homeschooling parent and makes you wish your PE teachers had been so creative.

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