History of the World: The Transforming Influence of Jesus Christ

History of the World: The Transforming Influence of Jesus Christ

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Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 244 pages
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Course Objectives: Students completing this course will

  • Explore the history of the Church
  • Learn about the lives of courageous missionaries around the world
  • Understand the importance of spreading the Gospel
  • Study current global missions needs
  • Acquire geographical knowledge

Vocabulary Study:

Having a good vocabulary is essential for students to be effective communicators, thinkers, and readers. It is a skill that is applicable to any academic discipline, including history. Students should be encouraged to look up words that they do not know when they encounter them while reading.

Students will not do formal vocabulary activities in this course, but a glossary has been provided for words that the students may find difficult or unfamiliar in the assigned reading. Upon encountering an unknown word, the student should consult the glossary provided at the back of the teacher guide and/or a dictionary. Students should also be aware that many of these words have multiple meanings. It is important that students learn to use the context of these words in the text to help understand their meanings.

Students are encouraged to maintain a list of these words and review them periodically throughout the course. Review could include writing the words and their definitions on index cards to use as flashcards, having students create their own dictionaries, or using the words in sentences. This component of the course is entirely optional, however, and not built into the schedule.

Using Vintage Books:

One of the books included in this course, Adventures in Missionary Heroism, was originally published in the early 1900s. There is real value in reading vintage books like this one. These historical texts not only provide us with information but also insight into the attitudes and perceptions of people from that time. It is important to remember that vintage books can express attitudes and use terminology that is no longer considered appropriate.

When students come across these moments in vintage books, it is the perfect opportunity for them to have a discussion with their teacher about this material. Teachers and students can use this opportunity to analyze the differences in attitudes between now and then, as well as to review Biblical principles regarding issues like racism.

These conversations will provide students a context for understanding the attitudes expressed in the text, as well as help them develop their own skills of discernment and critical thinking when it comes to materials they are reading.

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