History of God's Remarkable Providences

History of God's Remarkable Providences

in Colonial New England

by Increase Mather
Hardcover, 262 pages
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Increase Mather, a prominent, seventeenth-century, New England divine, wrote this book for posterity sake. It gives the reader a collection of fascinating stories that evidence the remarkable providences of God in the early days of American colonization.

In an introduction to the book written in 1855, George Offor states that, "All the narratives, many of which are deeply affecting, bear the evidence of a truthful conviction on the part of the relaters... They are arranged in methodical order, and form a very amusing volume, more especially as it conveys a faithful portrait of the state of society, when the doctrine of a peculiar providence and of personal intercourse between this world and that which is unseen was fully believed."

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