Providential Battles I - CD

Providential Battles I - CD

Twenty Battles that Changed the World

by William Potter
Publisher: Vision Forum
Audio CD
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In this four-part album, Christian historian William Potter provides a providential interpretation of twenty of the greatest military battles in the world, each of which altered the course of history, serving strategic roles in the unfolding plan of God in earth history.

Including battles from ancient history, to the fall of Constantinople to the Turks, to the American War for Independence, to the Alamo and Civil War events, Mr. Potter presents a panorama of providential military highlights. This album concludes with the mysteries of providence that engulfed the Axis powers of WWII in the air, on land, and at sea.

Over 257 minutes on 4 CDs.

Included in Album:

  1. Salamis—489 BC: Greeks vs. Persians
  2. Arbela—331 BC: Macedonians vs. Persians
  3. Cannae—216 BC: Romans vs. Carthaginians
  4. Tours—732: Franks vs. Moors
  5. Crécy—1346: England vs. France
  6. Constantinople—1453: Eastern Romans vs. Turks
  7. Tenochtitlan—1521: Spanish Conquistadores vs. Aztecs
  8. Lepanto—1571: European Coalition vs. Arab Fleet
  9. Armada—1588: England vs. Spain
  10. Quebec—1759: England vs. France
  11. Saratoga—1777: England vs. United States
  12. Yorktown—1781: England vs. United States
  13. Trafalgar—1805: England vs. France
  14. Waterloo—1815: England vs. France
  15. Alamo—1836: Texans vs. Mexico
  16. Antietam—1862: United States vs. Confederate States
  17. 1st Marine—1914: Allied Powers vs. Central Powers
  18. Britain—1940: England vs. Germany
  19. Midway—1942: United States vs. Japan
  20. Stalingrad—1942-43: Russia vs. Germany
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