Helen Rushmore

Helen Rushmore as a young girl moved with her family to Tulsa, Indian Territory, which later became Oklahoma. Here she played and went to school with the Indians who appear in some of her stories. When she was 12 years old the family moved to Missouri, where Miss Rushmore was introduced to Ozark Mountain folk ways and folklore. Returning to Oklahoma, she earned bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Tulsa, writing her master's thesis in the field of folklore. Until her retirement in 1963, she spent 35 years as teacher-librarian in Tulsa's elementary schools. Her own personal charm and subtle humor can be seen in her marvelous tales of this region. She has eleven published books to her credit.

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Chief Takes Over
by Helen Rushmore, Illustrated by Charles Geer
from Weekly Reader
for 3rd-6th grade
in Animal Stories (Location: FIC-ANI)
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Sancho the Homesick Steer
by Helen Rushmore, illustrated by Jack Hearne
from Garrard Publishing Company
for 3rd-6th grade
in Vintage Fiction & Literature (Location: VIN-FIC)
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