First Book of Pioneers

First Book of Pioneers

by Walter Havighurst, Harve Stein (illustrator)
Publisher: Franklin Watts
©1959, Item: 86346
Hardcover, 69 pages
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A well-known authority on the American Midwest tells the story of those hardy pioneers who built homes in the great Northwest Territory after the Civil War. Following a typical family from Connecticut over the hazardous trail to Ohio, we learn how the pioneers cleared the land, built cabins, farmed, and lived their daily lives surrounded by an almost endless expanse of wilderness. We become acquainted with the pioneer schools, churches, and get-together festivities. The author concludes with a look into the future of the Middle West, and an appraisment of the accomplishments of the pioneers. 

This book is illustrated with an abundance of pictures in color drawn by an artist who shares with the author a deep admiration for the men and women who ventured the wilderness to build a nation.

—from the dust jacket

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