Song of the Pines

Song of the Pines

A Story of Norwegian Lumbering in Wisconsin

Land of the Free Series
by Walter Havighurst, Marion Havighurst, Richard Floethe (Illustrator)
Publisher: John C. Winston
1st Edition, ©1949, Item: 75305
Hardcover, 205 pages
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Historical Setting: Wisconsin, 1849

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Dedicated to the indomitable Norwegians who gave so generously to the development of our great Northwest, this is the fourth book published in The Land of the Free series. Set in the rolling expanse of the Wisconsin woodlands, the spirit of the Scandinavian farmers who came to wrest a living from the unturned soil and the forest of a New World is typified in a personality of orphaned Nils Thorson, a wandering knife grinder.

In the lusty logging camps of the Northwest, young Nils, with rugged fortitude, sought to prove his worth to himself and his country. The story of how the young artisan joined in the mammoth task of turning Old World dreams into vigorous New World reality is painted in bold and stirring colors: a tribute to the courage and vision that tamed a wilderness to win a continent.

—From the dust jacket

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