Emperors and Gladiators

Emperors and Gladiators

And Other Jobs for Ancient Romans

All in a Day's Work
by Anita Ganeri
Publisher: Peter Bedrick Books
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Packed with detailed illustrations, side by side with amusing figures, each book in the All in a Day's Work series will engage young readers like never before. Readers will gain insight into ancient cultures through the eyes of the people who lived and worked in them - a dozen professionals from each culture, ranging from civic leaders, emperors, and pharaohs, to boatmen, soldiers, soothsayers, and charioteers. Each book is meticulously researched with all drawings checked for historical accuracy - thus ensuring that these truly unique books are as educational as they are entertaining.

An insider's look at the jobs people did in Ancient Rome from emperor to slave with imaginary and actual, famous examples interspersed. The book describes the conditions, training, pay, and prospects for each job.

You might be unlucky to be born a slave and life may be short if you are trained as a gladiator.

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